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Curtain Categories Curtain Categories Curtains provide an efficient solution to control the light as well as the heat .Its most prominent feature is , in addition to such a functionality , it provides a modern and stylized look to the place . Wallpapers They enable you to reflect yourself to the venues , creates a difference. They are easy to clean, colors do not fade and they do not become worn , your walls shall breathe . Upholstery We are developing on a daily basis our collection with classic and modern upholstery fabrics . We are at your service with more than 200 upholstery models which are available at our store. Accessories Our ready-made and tailor-made mirrors, placed in accordance with the decoration , standing out with decoratively designed original objects , abstract statues , frames shall stand out and reflect your style. Home Textile The curtains and bed linings that you will select with the experienced staff of our sewing atelier that we have within our organization are blended either with our ready-made models or if you wish, with different a model that you will create . Parquet Concerning laminated flooring, it provides floors and accessories to meet all the needs that determine the standards and is protected by international patent laws